Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil is an “Outsider Music” artist that evokes a distinct style and sound, yet one can hear subtle influences of artists like Kurt Cobain, Elliot Smith, Nick Drake and Donovan, as well as outsider artists like Daniel Johnston, Syd Barrett (After Pink Floyd), and Michael Hurley. Some have referred to his raw style as Outsider Grunge Folk.

Andrew Neil Has written nearly 400 songs since his musical journey began in the winter of 2009.  He began to write songs out of the blue following a head injury he sustained in a car accident in Apr 2009.  Andrew continues to write songs by ear.  He knows little to nothing about basic chords and music theory, yet his music resonates with many people.  The most common response to his music is that it is raw, yet so authentic and real.  It sticks to folks. 

Andrew released his debut Studio Album "Merry Go round" in September 2018.  It is available on limited run 180 gr Vinyl, CD and Digital Download.   Please click the album cover below to go to Andrew Neil's CD Baby Store.  For Vinyl and CD Purchases you can also Contact us directly at  Andrew will be happy to sign the Vinyl for you. 

As Andrew says: 

"Come on by and lend me your ears and let the music refresh your soul. I hope my music leads to a positive place, where love echoes around Earth's face.  I am hoping that in some way, people’s lives will be a little better for listening, not only to my music, but to the music of other artists as well.  Our lives are short on the earth and music and art can be a positive force to bring people together.  Music makes a difference in this jello world!  To sum it up….here is the last verse of a song I wrote called “Run Away Train”:

In the train I’ve come to learn before becomes after 

And heavy tears can really turn into laughter

Blink after blink time disappears faster and faster

And all the ink of many years writes one chapter 

 Brought to you by Tree Heart Records